April 19, 2022

Highlights from Armada Hoffler’s 2021 Sustainability Report

We recently released our third annual Sustainability Report! This report outlines the efforts and priorities we have made as a business to honor the safety and fair treatment of our environment.

At Armada Hoffler, our core values are quality, service, flexibility, and integrity. In everything we do, we aim to honor these values by our people, planet, and communities.

We achieve this by staying connected to our Board of Directors and stakeholders. With this guidance, we have adapted our sustainability roadmap to reflect our commitment to conducting our business and the development and operation of our properties in a way that contributes to positive economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

For our people, we aim to provide a safe and inclusive environment with workplace culture at the forefront of everything we do. This allows our employees to reach their full potential with the support and any resources needed.

For our planet, we aspire to minimize our impact while actively pursuing responsible behaviors as we run our business. We are working to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gasand reduce water usage as well as waste creation.

And for our community, we look to foster a sense of togetherness while making it a better place for all of its citizens.

With these goals in mind, we build a business model and foundation centered around ethics, governance, and compliance.

Our People

We strongly believe that the growth of our business is dependent on how we create a skilled, engaged, and diverse work environment. We do this by actively adapting our approach in the workplace.

89% of Armada Hoffler employees surveyed reported that they are proud to work for our company. We attribute this to our workplace culture – our culture revolves around supporting one another in endeavors toward success.

We give our employees the tools and resources necessary to foster successful careers. In 2021, our employees totaled 5,019 training hours to assist in their development. This was nearly 2,000 hours more than the previous year. These training hours help our employees to learn the skills and strategies needed to progress as individuals in and out of the workplace.

Our Planet

At Armada Hoffler, we are conscious of the environmental impacts we make and work to minimize them to demonstrate our corporate social responsibility. Our company’s Sustainability Steering Committee oversees the implementation of our Environmental Policy. This committee ensures that we are complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and company standards throughout our business operations.

In 2021, we reduced our purchase of single-use, disposable safety equipment by 60%. We were about to do so by outfitting reusable equipment and safety tools made from recyclable materials.

By reducing our use of paper by transitioning to electronic documents, we have lessened our environmental impact by:

  • Preventing 2,800 pounds of waste
  • Saving 17,000 pounds of wood
  • Avoiding 40,000 pounds of carbon dioxide
  • Saving 52,000 gallons of water

In 2022, we will continue to work with our Sustainability Steering Committee to find innovative ways to reduce waste and the usage of paper, one of our largest sources of corporate waste.

Our Community

Our company is a part of a greater community. By offering support and helping our communities grow, we can inspire others and create a sense of hope for a better world. This is important to us because it enacts a higher level of inclusion, connectivity, and prosperity for everyone around us.

We collaborate with our area’s local nonprofit organizations and academic institutions to address areas of need and discover new outlets for us to give. One of the ways we facilitate this is through community outreach. Our Outreach Committee helps us to identify the specific needs within our community. It assists in organizing employee volunteer opportunities and fundraisers. 

In 2021, Armada Hoffler received the Giving Back Award and our CEO, Lou Haddad, received the Best Local Leader Making a Difference Award from Coastal Virginia Business Magazine. These awards are a great honor and speak volumes about how we serve our community.

We also made an impact throughout the year by donating school supplies to 72 students, providing 100 full Thanksgiving meals to families in need, and providing 250 holiday gifts to 35 children in our community. By working with organizations like the ALS Association, the Ronald McDonald House of Maryland, and Crush Cancer, we are able to show our community how much we care.

As a corporate business, we recognize our obligation to be ethically responsible. This starts with having the proper policies and guidelines in place and seeing fit that they are implemented. Complying with strong governance practices allows us to build trust with the people we serve and the environments we inhabit.

For a more detailed account of the information shared above, check out the full version of our report here.
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