February 1, 2022

Southern Post and the Importance of Mixed-Use Properties

If you live near a city, you are likely familiar with a few mixed-use communities in your area. These are communities that combine retail spaces with residential and commercial spaces with the intent of promoting walkability for consumers and mitigating the negative effects of urbanization.

There are many advantages to mixed-use communities and a lot of them are related to improving the local economy, providing job opportunities, and encouraging social connectivity. They support local businesses by providing exposure and increasing foot traffic, allowing new and returning consumers to come and go as they please. Mixed-use communities also minimize the need for cars which helps save money on gas and lessens gas emissions. 

Current mixed-use communities, as well as the ones under development, are looking for new ways to innovatively appeal to consumers as so many businesses faced and continue to face the hardships of the pandemic. Developers are tasked with determining what will make people feel the most safe in public settings.

Here are a few details that developers may want to keep in mind when assessing options for redesigning mixed-use communities:

Healthy Building Standards 

Previously, real estate developers have focused a lot of their attention on what can make their properties more sustainable by LEED standards. A new standard making an impact on the design of mixed-use communities is the quality and amount of fresh air ventilating the indoor and outdoor spaces of an establishment. This is also known as “air-hygiene.”

Green Spaces

Similar to the idea of air quality standards, a new focus will be placed on fostering environments that reduce close person-to-person contact and that filters airborne elements. One way to do this is to increase the amount of green spaces in outdoor areas. These spaces can include a courtyard with seating areas, parks, outdoor benches, and more.

Emphasis on Horizontal Distribution Systems

Instead of prioritizing high-rise spatial distribution, it can be useful to structure your property based on small, horizontal distribution systems. This will allow for a more controlled environment that permits you to monitor and distribute the airflow of each area.

A great example of a mixed-use community that is currently under construction and willfactor in these elements is Southern Post in Roswell, Georgia. Southern Post will offer occupants fantastic and safe options to its public spaces including a sky lounge, outdoor parking deck, and outside gathering areas.

Our hopes for this development are to provide a thriving and lively community space in the city of Roswell. It is an area deeply rooted in its history and culture so it is important for us to preserve that, while creating a space for new businesses to flourish in the market.

Southern Post is a partnership between Armada Hoffler and S.J. Collins Enterprises. This 4.28 acre asset will offer 40,000 square feet of retail space, 95,000 square feet of office space, 128 luxury apartment units, and nine upscale townhomes with garages.

To keep up to date with Southern Post’s progress, visit their website or follow them on Instagram, @southernpostga.

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