July 8, 2021

About the Armada Hoffler Leadership Team

Armada Hoffler is proud to be a real estate investment trust that is fully self-managed and vertically integrated. The divisions that make up our company include development, asset management, and construction. Following the fundamentals of these main pillars allows us to provide full service to third-party clients and aid them in any development services or general construction as they see fit.

Managing all of the duties we undertake to ensure the prosperity of our company and clients requires a group of passionate leaders. Our leaders have the skillset and dedication to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of Armada Hoffler.

Meet our Leadership Team:

Lou Haddad, President Chief Executive Officer

Lou Haddad began working at Armada Hoffler as an on-site construction superintendent in 1985. He quickly moved up in the company, earning promotions and making a name for himself among company executives. By 1996, Lou became the President of Armada Hoffler Holding Company, the parent company of all Armada Hoffler accounts. He became the company’s CEO in 1999.

Under Lou’s leadership, Armada Hoffler became one of the largest commercial real estate companies in Virginia.

Michael P. O’Hara, Chief Financial Officer

Michael joined Armada Hoffler in 1996 as Controller of the construction company and was later promoted to Controller of Armada Hoffler Holding Company in 1999. Michael became the Chief Financial Officer of Armada Hoffler in 2002 and the company’s Treasurer in 2013.

He is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing Armada Hoffler’s financial activities.

Shawn J. Tibbetts, Chief Operating Officer

Shawn is Armada Hoffler’s Chief Operating Officer, a position he has held since August 2019. He is responsible for making sure the daily operations of our business supports groups aligned with Armada Hoffler’s corporate goals and responsibilities. He has more than 15 years of experience in corporate leadership.

Shelly R. Hampton, President of Asset Management

In 1999, Shelly began working at Armada Hoffler as the Director of Asset Management, a title she held until 2009. From there, she worked as the Vice President of Asset Management until 2011. In that same year, she became the President of Asset Management, a position she holds today.

She is responsible for overseeing the strategic asset management of Armada Hoffler and works to mitigate asset risks.

Eric E. Apperson, President of Construction

Eric began as President of Goodman Segar Hogan Hoffler Construction, a subsidiary of Armada Hoffler, in 1997. He was later appointed President of Armada Hoffler Construction Company in 2000 due to his stellar experience in management. He is responsible for the strategic growth, financial health, and overall management of the Construction Company.

Alan R. Hunt, Executive Vice President of Construction

Alan has overseen the Baltimore office of Armada Hoffler since the mid-1990s. He worked as a Project Superintendent from 1991 until 2001. Alan went on to work as a Site Manager for Armada Hoffler until 2004. From 2004 to 2007, he served as the Vice President of Armada Hoffler Construction Company. After that, he became Executive Vice President of Construction, a position he has held since 2007.

He is responsible for budgeting, scheduling, pre-construction, and knowledge of the construction design phase.

W. Christopher Harvey, Executive Vice President of Construction/Business Development

W. Christopher Harvey began working at Armada Hoffler in 2002, previously serving positions such as Director of Business and Hotel Development, Development Coordinator, and Project Engineer. He has served as Executive Vice President of Development since 2010. His current position is Executive Vice President of Construction/Business Development.

Matthew Barnes-Smith, Executive Vice President of Finance

Matthew is the newest addition to the Armada Hoffler leadership team, becoming the Executive Vice President of Finance in September 2020. Under this position, he manages the organization of financial planning, strategy, and risk management.

To keep up with our remarkable leaders, visit our website or follow us on Instagram: @armadahoffler.

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