June 21, 2023

Celebrating 20 Years of Armada Hoffler’s Headquarters in Town Center of Virginia Beach

As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of our corporate headquarters at the Armada Hoffler Tower in Town Center of Virginia Beach, we mark a notable accomplishment in our company’s history. Founded more than 40 years ago by Hampton Roads native Dan Hoffler, Armada Hoffler has steadily grown into the prosperous industry leader we are today. This anniversary celebrates our physical location and signifies our dedication to the local community.

Armada Hoffler’s journey toward national recognition began with a vision fueled by determination. We have since played a pivotal role in transforming Hampton Roads, leaving a lasting impact through our innovative real estate developments. With a keen eye for identifying untapped  potential, our team consistently pushes boundaries, creating properties that redefine the region’s architectural and commercial landscape.

While our Town Center headquarters is a major landmark in our journey, it represents only a fraction of our exceptional projects throughout the area. Our diverse portfolio contributes to the economic prosperity of our community, fostering connection, driving commerce, and offering abundant opportunities.

Armada Hoffler’s commitment to the Hampton Roads area goes beyond commercial real estate development. Throughout the years, we have actively engaged in community initiatives and philanthropic efforts, making a tangible difference. Whether it be supporting local charities or fostering educational opportunities, our goal is to enhance the quality of life for all community members. Our deep-rooted connection to the community fuels our passion to contribute and uplift it, positively influencing those around us.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we also embrace the future. In the ever-evolving commercial real estate (CRE) sector, we are positioned to seize new opportunities, adapt to market demands, and create even greater value for our stakeholders. Anchored by our core values of quality, service, flexibility, and integrity, we remain dedicated to ensuring that our legacy of excellence continues for years to come. With a forward-looking mindset, Armada Hoffler will shape the future of real estate development in the communities we serve.

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