August 29, 2023

How Mixed-Use Developments Drive Community Success

Nexton Square | Summerville, South Carolina

As an industry leading real estate investment trust, Armada Hoffler has witnessed the power of mixed-use developments in local communities. Mixed-use developments are characterized by their diverse blend of commercial and retail spaces and have emerged as a transformative progression in urban planning and community-building.

Mixed-use developments stimulate the creation of vibrant urban centers that attract both residents and businesses. By integrating a variety of spaces into one location, these developments thrive as hubs for convenience and accessibility and local businesses benefit from increased foot traffic and customer retention. They also offer an array of businesses which drives economic growth, provides job opportunities, and supports the local market.

A positive effect of mixed-use developments is their walkability and sustainability. By reducing the need for cars and private use vehicles, they encourage visitors to use alternative transportation options like walking, cycling, or other forms of public transport. This reduces traffic congestion and contributes to environmental conservation.

Another advantage of mixed-use developments is their ability to cater to a wide range of demographics. Whether you are looking for a place to call home, shop, or work, there is likely something suitable for your needs within a single mixed-use property.

Mixed-use developments also offer an environment that promotes community interaction and fosters social togetherness. Availability of shared spaces like parks and outdoor dining brings people together, nurturing a sense of belonging and strengthening community ties.

These projects offer integrated solutions that prioritize sustainable practices, social unity, and economic growth. Through strategic investment and acquisition of mixed-use properties and developments, Armada Hoffler aims to create a meaningful impact on the communities we work, live, and play in.

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